No longer the exclusive territory of boy racers, customising helps you perfect your vehicle, turning it into the car of your dreams, (and saving you the hassle and expense of finding a new model).
Our body shop technicians are keen to help you enhance your car and are happy to offer free advice on the best ways to do so.
From simple tasks like fitting Alloy wheels, Changing the colour on Alloy Wheels,  to more complicated cosmetic operations such as customised paint or specialist aftermarket body kits, you'll be delighted by what our talent can do to your car.

Paint is considered the most expensive part of repair work, so it is important to get your respray exactly right. That’s why we have experienced paintwork technicians to make sure the job is always perfect.
Today’s water-based paints require highly specialised treatment to ensure a perfect finish that will last. To achieve this, panels are sprayed and then baked in our low bake spray oven.

Our expert paintwork technicians can offer a customised paintwork service, painting vehicles to any owner-specified colour scheme and design.

Newbridge bodyshop can undertake any vehicle modifications that you require. Our customisation services include:
Our expert paint technicians can take the plastic body parts of your vehicle and paint them to whatever colour you choose. This can include:

• Wing mirrors
• Bumpers
• Side skirts
• Front grilles
• Air intakes
• Trims and mouldings
Alloy wheels are the most easily damaged part of any vehicle. Hitting the kerb when parking can cause scratches and scuffs, potholes can cause chips and dents and even the weather can dull and flake the paint. Luckily, most of this damage can be quickly and easily reversed.

NOT ALL ALLOY WHEEL REFURBISHMENTS ARE THE SAME !!!   Unlike many road side companies we strip back the wheels fully, repair any damage and scuff marks , polish and then paint in our low bake ovens allowing the paint to set and harden. This first provides a excellent finish but also a paint finish that lasts for years and does not flake or peal off after a few months.
We can at your request finish wheels to ANY colour when you have your Alloy Wheels Refurbished.
• Visual inspection of damaged wheels/tyres
• Damage is then either machined out or filled
• Anti-corrosion techniques are used to protect the wheel
• Surfaces are primed and prepared for painting
• Primer is hardened in our low bake oven
• A top coat of paint is then applied
• Two coats of clear lacquer are then applied to the front and back of the wheel
• The wheels are fully cured with another round in our low bake oven
• The wheels are then ready to have the tyres refitted